Lutron RadioRA2 Gateway
Author: andreimios
Price: free
The Lutron RadioRA2 Gateway plugin provides the ability to control your RadioRA2 system via telnet. It provides the ability to control binary switches, dimmers, blinds and keypads. The plugin assumes that your RadioRA2 system is properly configured and working.
Outstanding effort, few problems
ingridorchris | 30.05.2014 Rating:
Really works nicely. Great job. The issues I've found so far are:

1. Keypad graphics always show 6 buttons. My actual Lutron keypads have either 8 or 19 buttons.

2. No controls for the Lutron thermostats.

3. Occasional "Device not ready" errors, although this may be related to Vera restarts.

It should also be pointed out that you don't need the RadioRa 2 Essentials software to get the Integration IDs and Component IDs. All of that information is readily downloadable using any browser in the form of a very readable XML file from the RadioRa 2 repeater.