QuickSmart EtherRain-8 Sprinkler Controller
Author: mcvflorin
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Price: free
Interface to the QuickSmart EtherRain-8 Sprinkler Controller
Ok but there are bugs with it
Pannella | 27.02.2014 Rating:
I've been using this app for almost a year now. It works ok in that you can turn on zones and turn off zones. Problem with it is every time I switch on one of my zones, it switches all of the devices on the same Etherrain controller on in Vera. Although all the valves are not opened, the software shows that they are all in the "on" position and I receive email alerts for all of them being changed to the "on" position. I'm also getting some false triggers where throughout the day I get notifications that the devices turned on and off - again don't think the valves are actually opening. Tried the forums for some answers but no success.