Elk Alarm Panel Plugin
Author: mcvflorin
Using: 2
Price: free
Interface to the Elk M1 Family alarm panels.
Good start!
Skottikus | 14.08.2013 Rating:
Expectations were that plugin was much more mature than it is. Provides basic connection however the interface does not map zones by type (burglar entry/exit are doors, but perimeter instants (such as window sensors) are the default, which is motion. Smoke verified are motion but standard smoke detectors are smoke. CO detectors are get the idea. Forum discusses use of variables DoorSensors for example, as something in advanced properties that can be populated with all of the "door or perimeter" zones but variable not available to average user. I had to dumb down my Elk's access control (deleting all user passwords and enabling non-secure port access for plugin to connect. Again, not ideal. It seems plugins are written by volunteer developers.