YouLess Energymeter
Author: meinaart
Manufacturer: PostFossil B.V.
Using: E
Price: free
The YouLess is an easy to install energy meter that makes your power usage visible. Because the YouLess can be paired with a free online energy manager you have insight into your current power usage anywhere. No need to enter this data manually. More importantly, you can also analyse your power usage in the past. The YouLess energymeter internally stores power usage data for a year. Online you can even go back indefinitely. The YouLess can also be used for solar production monitoring. In that case, you can see just how much you generate rather than how much you consume. This plugin makes it possible to add YouLess Energymeter to the Vera system.
Nice app for displaying my Youless information
Thiemen | 31.10.2012 Rating:
Just installed my youless and this app today, added the ip-address and worked directly!