Panasonic IP Camera
Author: mcvflorin
Manufacturer: Mi Casa Verde
Using: E
Price: free
Plugin for Panasonic IP cameras. Offers support for Pan, Tilt and Zoom.
thanks for the help with vera3, will you update for VeraPlus
millerog | 05.11.2017 Rating:
I was using this for years on my old 3rd generation vera, but now I've moved to VeraPlus and MiOS does not show this unit as linked. read more
Display problem v1.23
LZ | 13.11.2016 Rating:
I can see the picture in the small icon, but when I open the app I cannot see the picture - but I see some icon indicating broken film. When I connect to the Panasonic directly I can see ok. Cannot figure this one out. read more
And the camera triggers???
ivpj | 28.06.2013 Rating:
Why the camera triggers doesn't interact with the vera system? read more
Works great thank you
PCBlues | 05.05.2013 Rating:
Really surprised I got this old camera integrated! Thank you very much! :) read more
Not working with Vera3
millerog | 02.11.2012 Rating:
There are a number of problems with UI5 and Vera3 will not run UI4. The Vera wiki site shows that many users are having trouble with panasonic IP camera under this UI. Anyhow, this plugin was not able to connect to any of my panasonic webcams. read more
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