Smartphone Web Interface
Author: mcvflorin
Manufacturer: Mi Casa Verde
Price: free
This is a basic HTML interface for accessing Vera from a smartphone web browser. It works on iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Smartphones, and most brands. You can use it over Wi-Fi within the home.
doughamilton | 23.09.2013 Rating:
Basic functionality works (it is basic), but doesn't seem to do anything with the Ademco AD2USB alarm device. Thinks its a light switch read more
If I look at this I want to throw up!
root | 14.01.2013 Rating:
This is so outdated, bad bad bad! Don't bother installing... read more
iulianminut | 22.03.2012 Rating:
I was able to successfully install it on firmware version 1.5.346 on VeraLite read more
Ugly has hell! Still a nice tool.
chixxi | 08.03.2012 Rating:
The functionality is great, but needs a huge update concerning the look, looks like UI-100. And it should provide to option to run it locally, believe it or not, but there are some vera's which are not on the net! read more
Nice function & ugly look.
root | 25.02.2012 Rating:
The functionality of the plugin is very useful, and it is easy to customize if you know what you are doing. But the plugin needs an update, that greenish look of some past UI is horrible! Since the plugin is pulling all data from micasa verde the plugin will probably not run on a vera which has no internet connection. read more