Author: xoubir
Manufacturer: Evertygo SAS
Using: E
Price: free
Plugin to interact with ImperiHome control app for Android. It allows to control your ImperiHome app locally using the HTTP API released in the 2.0.10 version of ImperiHome. For now 3 functions are available : Text to Speech, Dashboard page change, Voice recognition launch
great visual interface for Vera
TeTTiweTTi | 20.01.2016 Rating:
looks very nice and is very easy to customize. I currently only use the TTS function to delivery notifications. Dashboard page change and voice recognition works also using vera 3 UI5 read more
Works Great
richcrawford | 01.03.2015 Rating:
I am a big fan of ImperiHome. They are always looking to improve on their offerings. read more
Great Plugin
gilhamj | 23.08.2014 Rating:
Works great on UI5 and my Vera 3 network of 200+ devices. read more
Great plugin for an excellent UI
greglions | 23.06.2014 Rating:
Imperihome is by far the best looking UI for Vera.
Ive bought a cheap Android tablet, hacked in power, and mounted it on the wall for a super powerful, functional and responsive controller for my house.
This plugin allows me to control functions within the UI from events passed via Vera. eg: at 8pm it politely tells me if ive left the ... read more
Fantastic addition to my Vera3
Sharad1977 | 13.03.2014 Rating:
This is a fantastic addition when using Imperihome on my Wall-mounted Tablet, in having an Audible response to events such as "Motion detected at the Front door" or the "Garage door is Opening", when they occur. Also waking up the Tablet and going to the required Page allows me to quickly view the security cameras when motion is detected. Great Plu ... read more
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