Global Cache GC100
Author: mcvflorin
Using: E
Price: free
Interface to the Global Cache GC100
GC100 works great in UI5 in Vera 2 - Can't upgrade to Veraedge
fkassani | 03.01.2016 Rating:
The GC100 works great in UI5 in my Vera 2. It controls my Onkyo receiver, Comcast cable STB, and LG BD390 BluRay player. I can't believe that it is not supported in UI7 on VeraEdge. I just bought the VeraEdge and now I discover I can't upgrade to it because it does not support something as useful as the GC100. read more
Needs update
mrv777 | 13.04.2015 Rating:
Needs some updates for UI7. I have been unable to use it with my VeraEdge read more
Great Plugin
gilhamj | 23.08.2014 Rating:
Works great on UI5 and my Vera 3 network of 200+ devices. read more
modulo global
julio1703 | 30.01.2014 Rating:
1.1:1.2 read more
Jose & Nitish
dcdesigns | 22.01.2014 Rating:
Guys.. Dont buy this shit.. One of the fuckall system i ever encountered in my automation career. Very Very bad.. read more
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