MiOS Update Utility
Author: mcvflorin
Price: free
Updates the network_pnp_sys.xml and zwave_products_sys.xml files with new versions as they are published.
AtomicGrog | 30.12.2013 Rating:
Fixed my 3 in 1 sensor. Not seen any other side effects. read more
Worked for me
jlehman | 09.09.2013 Rating:
My CT100 thermostat was reporting multiple instances in the devices list. I installed this plugin as recommended on the forum and it fixed the issue right away. read more
SOLVED : Module not created in MODULES tab
bottrader1234 | 09.08.2013 Rating:
The answer in this post clarifies the way this app is working.,16017.msg122042/topicseen.html#msg122042

So it works as described in this post above. read more
It breaks devices after adding icon
slelieveld | 23.07.2013 Rating:
It lets some devices stop working after updating the icon. And now also having "Waiting for wakeup to configure device" on those devices. They changed rooms and scenes are not working anmore. DO NOT USE OR INSTALL! read more