Belkin WeMo
Author: futzle
Using: E
Price: free
Interact with Belkin WeMo switches and sensors on your LAN.
Works awesome
ccbailey | 13.02.2015 Rating:
Works great with appliance switch and wall switch. Manually add devices. To obtain IP address / MAC from iOS app go to More > Tell us what... > Report a Problem; there you can see logs for added devices. Thanks a ton! read more
doesnt work
ccbailey | 12.02.2015 Rating:
No longer works. Does not locate any devices. Manually added devices do not function. read more
Great Plugin
rwojtow | 16.09.2014 Rating:
Works well but every once in a while it stops communicating back to Vera. Need to reload all the devices to get it back. read more
Do the job
mssca | 18.12.2013 Rating:
When I first started automating the house, I didn't know about the Z-wave. So I installed two WeMo switches. Thanks to this app, I didn't have to replace them to work with my Vera.

Thank you for the developers and programmers behind the app. read more
work great
jfmeunier | 06.08.2013 Rating:
only if I don't add my wemo wall switch. Did you plaaned to add the support of the wemo wall switch? read more
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