NorthQ Watt Calculator
Author: cjackson
Price: free
Calculates the current wattage for the NorthQ sensor.
good but...
stjohnhill | 01.10.2013 Rating:
For some reason not supported on any of my mobile apps. read more
Almost mandatory for NorthQ in Vera...
vespaman | 03.01.2013 Rating:
This is an excellent plugin, that "just works", and gives us the current W instead of the KWH wich comes naturally from the NorthQ device. read more
Occupies Vera Lite controller
tjvangelder | 11.12.2012 Rating:
after installing it seems that the app keeps refreshing my Vera Lite controller that get occupied and hardly works anymore. This disappears when deinstalled. That is a pitty because the app would be very handy. Hope the problem can be solved. Will deinstall for now. read more