Push Notification
Author: massalia
Using: E
Price: free
Easily send Push notification to your IOS/Android device using Prowl (IOS) or PushOver (IOS/Android) Services
nuronnuron | 20.07.2014 Rating:
didn't get it working. read more
Service Request
gvanmeter | 08.06.2014 Rating:
Please add Pushbullet to your list of services. read more
Notification Request
ljzsb22 | 05.04.2014 Rating:
Not really a review more of a request. I tried setting up over XendApp but was not able to get it working. I did some more searching and found another service "PushBullet" that has an API for sending pushes. This also has the ability to sync your notifications to your computer. All notifications from your phone even incoming calls. So my question. ... read more
love it
wilkinson | 12.01.2014 Rating:
easy to set and exactly what i needed, good job! read more
Good App
konradwalsh | 15.11.2013 Rating:
Easy to use read more
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