Deus Ex Machina - The Vacation Plugin
Author: beowulfe
Price: free
Turns lights on and off in your home while you're on vacation, making it look like somebody is home.
No updates...
root | 14.01.2013 Rating:
Seems like this plugin is going down since there are neither updates nor responses from the developper. I like the plugin "Vacation Ghost" better! read more
Exactly what resq93 said
jcocula | 30.08.2012 Rating:
Excellent plugin except lacking the very important ability to trigger in scenes. Please add this ability, kind developer! read more
resq93 | 27.08.2012 Rating:
Missing the ability to enable and disable from other scenes or trigger - very important. I have an away scene that when triggered sets back the a/c and lights. Ideally this should be enabled in that type of scene (or the gcal plugin) read more
kiwi | 05.08.2012 Rating:
This is really what I was looking for :)
I have tested it, seems to works like it should :)

A must have read more
Love the idea of this app
trotsky40 | 27.07.2012 Rating:
I haven't been able to test it yet, but I love the idea of this app. The only change I would like to see is the ability to use scenes to enable/disable (triggering this with Google Calendar Switch would be awesome) read more