Samsung TV Remote
Author: Antor
Manufacturer: Antor
Using: E
Price: free
Control your smart samsung TV with this plugin. This plugin emulate the iphone or android samsung app so if it work with, it will work with this plugin.
Bryan | 02.10.2012 Rating:
Not all controls are possible, but anything you can do from the Android app works via this plugin. Nice app. Make sure to reload after installing. read more
Nice app
karnet | 13.08.2012 Rating:
Works perfect on my UE40D7000
Perfect for turning it all off !

a "On" option is not gonna happen, dont think the network conrolers in samsung tv's support WOL ( Wake up on Lan ) read more
Works Great with Samsung UE46ES6570
kiwi | 24.06.2012 Rating:
This plugin is really a good thing to control TV using Vera.

Great to control TV globaly. So bad that Samsung doesn't add "power on" option by the way. read more
sunday | 13.06.2012 Rating:
but how can i make a on control? read more
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