Squeezebox Control
Author: mcvflorin
Price: free
Lets you control and monitor Squeezebox music players
UI5 requires new version from the forum
EricWeber | 02.01.2014 Rating:
After havong some trouble with it on my vera lite I headed over to the forum to get the latest updated versions. Aside from fixing mu ui5 issue, it adds full controls for all players. Awesome stuff! read more
Difficult to install, but glad it is working now...
PCBlues | 05.05.2013 Rating:
Great app, thank you. Took a little work to get it set up but that is because I kept setting the port to 9000 which is my LMS. Set it to 9090 & noticed a player popup in the dashboard. Still had errors & had to update but once I update. Got all working. Thank you! :) read more
iulianminut | 22.03.2012 Rating:
I was able to successfully install it on firmware version 1.5.346 on VeraLite read more
steevo | 05.01.2012 Rating:
test read more